arrives with graven signifies


arrives with graven signifies

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The name ewelry?originates from the Latin word ocale?meaning laything?.westwood vivienne , The term ewel?originates from that old French

word oule? Today, Jewelry is symbolic of what pretty, beautiful, and bling!

Jewelry has been an important item for

mankind, just like clothing and food, forever of existence.vivienne westwood , The first types of jewelry were made by putting holes into

the shells of mollusks and then stringing them. It was way back in the Middle Stone Age- 75000-100000 years back!

Jewelry became very widespread and used primarily for adornment about 40,000 years back, when mankind started migrating

and trading.

Jewellery has since evolved through the ages. The Celts used bronze in many their jewelry. The Egyptians

were famous for his or her use of Gold adorned with Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Carnelian and Enamels. Additionally they

used gemstone and glass beads. The Egyptians thought that jewelry possessed magical powers and brought good luck.


Romans and Greeks were also known for their jewelry and the utilization of gold and silver to create coins. Romans loved

wearing a ton of rings on the same finger and also the utilization of Jet and coral, among other semi-precious

gemstones. Jewelry was primarily worn by only the most upper class or to defend against evil. The Egyptians, Roman and

Greeks made necklaces, bracelets and earrings a main-stay popular and art.

With the start of European explorations to

other continents, Pearls slowly became a status symbol. Semi-precious gemstones started to become less expensive for

people who weren royalty. Today, Jewellery is still a status symbol, has a religious significance, and it is used to

adorn oneself.


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